Be ChocolateThe cosmetic, energising and therapeutic virtues of cocoa were proven a long time ago. The idea is to use cocoa in a line of face and body treatment products and thus create a delightful pleasure for skin and spirit.

A very long time ago, cocoa had already been associated with beauty rituals.

The book ‘Genesis of the Maya’ ascribed the discovery of cocoa to the Gods, as a result of which chocolate was labelled as a divine substance.




Be ChocolateBe Chocolate is an innovative range that stands at the vanguard of progress.

Stimulhyal*, an excellent hyaluronic acid booster is used exclusively in our “Pur Plaisir” line of beauty products.

Our cosmetic products are a genuine source of rejuvenation and “Eco-friendly”. They therefore do not contain any chemical colouring agents or preservatives and are suitable for every type of skin.

BeChocolate gives a guarantee of luxury and pleasure for your body and face


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