Blixz a revolutionary accessory for perfectly styled nails

blixz nailsThe wafer thin plastic films provide an unbelievable variety of the finished look, while it’s easy to apply them. That is appealing for teens, business women, fancy, romantic or sporty women-types.
Blixz are wafer thin plastic films that just need to be stick on finger- and/ or toe nails. The results are impeccable.

About Blixz

It has never been easier to harmonize fashion and cosmetics. Blixz is the ideal accessory for everyone, who wants to create a new trend. The look can be fancy, sexy, classic or romantic. Just choose the right plastic-film size, maybe you need to cut it a little. Stick Blixz on the nail, apply soft pressure, and cut off the excess with a file for a perfect fit. That’s it! No drying time! No waiting-time! Ideal for home use. The wafer-thin plastic films stay on the nails for weeks, when properly maintained. No splitting! No scratching! No smearing!
The results are impeccable! An inspiring alternative for enamel and complex nail art! Blixz is available for finger- and toe nails!

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