Birth of the brand

In 1945, Laboratoires Cadentia was born in Marseille with the launch of Jean d'Aigle and Jean des Salines, in tribute to the origin city and region of the creator Aigle and Salines in Switzerland. In 1952, Nature followed, in order to provide a timeless Cologne for the whole family.

Arrival of our perfumer creator

In 1985, Marc Florens, perfumer creator, integrated the Laboratoires Cadentia. He is still present in the company, where he continues to invent olfactory formulas, animated by the same creative passion as during his infancy.

Relocation of the company in the heart of Provence

The following decade was decisive for Laboratoires Cadentia who moved to Aubagne in 1991, in the heart of Provence, facing the Garlaban massive, Marcel Pagnol's beloved. In 1994, the view of the massif and the surrounding countryside inspired Marc Florens who created L'eau des Collines. He painted the landscape that we find on the labels. In 1995, Stephanie Dargent, passionated for fragrances, joined the company which she would repurchase fifteen years later. She modernized the packaging of Jean des Salines and prepared the future.


The 2000 years is a splendor, dynamic and creative period. Laboratoires Cadentia launched in 2003 their first eaux de toilette: Les Quatre Saisons des Collines. Two years later, arose the idea of exploring a new scented universe: Le Mas des Collines for home, a wide range of interior scents. It followed a refined Cologne for men M.S. Silver, a high quality 100% natural Cologne Extra-Vieille and a mixed eau de toilette Kinao.

Purchase and Internationalization

St├ęphanie Dargent captivated by ingredients, compositions and production bought the company in 2010. Her sales foreign career is the result of a certainty: to continue to develop the international activity. Through these years, Laboratoires Cadentia are daily challenge to create new fragrances to enchant your life.

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