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Beauty Ingross is a young and dynamic company. It has been working for many years in beauty centres and supply new business opportunities for growth in the sector. In 2007, deep studies on the market underlined that by all the beauty centres is the need to offer shop's products. Just to meet this need, We have created a new line of unique and easily sellable products.


PaolaP Make Up is created by the intellect and the technology Made in Italy. These products, highly advanced, are created to meet totally the need of every woman. PaolaP Make Up products' are made with natural active ingredients that join simplicity and refinement of the makeup to the highest performances of the product. PaolaP Make Up exclusive treatments' combine Nature and Technology in order to offer wonderful results that will surprise you. In consideration of this, PaolaP Make Up is one of the most famous emerging companies in the international overview.


The purpose of our products is getting the best result with the least effort! Don't you believe it? Ask your beautician for it.

PaolaP Mascara

PaolaP  Mascara

The special formula of Paola P Mascara is 100% natural and preserves the health of your eyelashes. Thanks to the vegetable extracts and the natural waxes, drawing up is very easy and allows obtaining...

Base price with tax: £26.00
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