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Peter Sherlock Chypre 500ml

Hello ladies! A year ago I discovered the most beautiful fragrance but asked if it could be tweaked to make it more gorgeous. It's a Chypre fragrance based on oakmoss and labdanum. Which means nothing ...... What it does mean is that it smells defiantly feminine and almost erotic. It comes in perhaps the most beautiful bottle of all time and is a splash formulation (as all fragrances used to be). Decant with care. Use all over. It's a massive bottle at a tiny price. It's 30 quid DELIVERED for 500mls and I'll tell you, if you loved my fragrance "unconventional" you'll love it. One down side. There are less than 500 remaining. Treat yourself - it's beyond gorgeous xxxx
j des salin chypre 500 ml
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