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PaolaP Lash Extender

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If you want Glamourous Lashes in an instant then look no further.

Paola P Lash Extender will lengthen and volumise your eye lashes naturally. No gimmicks, no trickery, no false promises.

This product will make your natural lashes look fantastic with no damaging results in under 2 minutes.

If you want the wow factor, then look no further.

Paola P Lash Extender adds thousands of cellulose fibres to your own lashes, this dramatically lengthens and volumises your own eye-lashes with no damaging effects.

Seeing is believing!

For a Super Glamorous Look re-apply more Lash Extender but always start and finish with a Mascara.

This product cannot be used on its own and should be only used with wet Mascara for maximum results.


Apply a first coat of your favourite Mascara then apply the Lash Extender whilst the Mascara is still wet. It's best to do one eye at a time.

When you apply the Lash Extender tilt your head downwards as you look into the mirror. Once the lash Extender has been applied you must apply a second coat of Mascara to seal the Natural fibres into place.

Do the same with the other eye.

Because this is a Natural product it will come off with any makeup remover.

If on the first application fibres fall on your cheeks use the brush included to remove.






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